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Private Tournament

Perfect for competing with friends! Easy to customize and can be set up for any number of golfers. Simply pick the end date, select the number of rounds, and send the invite emails! Play different courses and days. We'll handle the scoring...

World Tournament

Join golfers from around the world in this weekly global competition. Just enter yourself, play a round at your local course, and enter your scores on the site. You choose when and where you play. Where will you stand in the global rankings?

Major Pro Tornament

Put yourself in the four Major Pro Tournaments to compete with the Pros themselves. The only thing that can make the Master more enjoyable is playing in the Masters. Available for The Masters, US Open, Open Championship, and PGA Championship.

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How Tournaments Work

How it Works
Choose one of the three tournament options
Play your rounds at your local course
Enter Scores on the Scores Page
Check the Tournament Results to see how you placed

Worldwide Virtual Golf will take your raw score and use the Slope and Par information that's available on most score cards to factor out course difficulty. This new score is your WVG Handicap score. The WVG Handicap Score is what makes it possible to compete against other players on different courses. This keeps the game fair, but increases competition.

Tournament FAQs

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How do I join
a Tournament set up
by a friend?
How do I invite other golfers to a Private Tournament I created?
How do I find course Par and Slope information?

First, check your email, the golfer who created the tournament should have sent you an invite. That email will have all the necessary info to join. For Private Tournaments, you must be a member of the same Group you are playing with. You will also need to know the tournament end date. Once you have all that info, click the Join/Create button under 'Private Tournaments' above.

You first have to invite the other WVG Members to the group you chose for the tournament. Once everyone is a member of that group, click on the tournament in the Upcoming Tournaments section above, and then press the Review button. On the next page, edit the email, and press Prepare Email(s). Select the members of the Group you want to invite, and click Send Email.

This type of information is commonly found on your score card. If you can't find the information or do not have your score card, you can search Golfshot's database of courses. The search bar at the top makes it quick and easy to find your course information:

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What if I don't have time to play all of the rounds for a tournament?
Can I play against other WVG Members in the Major Pro Tournaments?
What about cheating? Can't players just make up scores?

Don't worry, that's not a big deal! Idealy, you will want to plan ahead to make sure you can play the right number of rounds for a tournament, but if you can't play every round, just enter your previous score(s) for the round(s) you will miss. If you are playing in a Private Group, make sure you let the other golfers know what happened!

When you sign up for the Major Pro Tournaments, it's just you versus the Pros. Your name will appear on the scoreboard on the Results page along with the other 100+ tour players in the tournament. But there's nothing stoping you from getting your friends to sign up and comparing each other's positions at the end of the tournament!

Members will be establishing a WVG handicap based upon their entered scores. WVG places greater weight on a golfers's "net score" and establishes a real handicap. Over time, members entering false scores will eventually be neutralized in the rankings. Golf is a game of gentlemen - and cheaters will be exposed.